Globally renowned sound engineering firm Wrightson, Haddon, Johnson, and Williams (WHJW) has conducted an extensive study of Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway and the surrounding neighborhood communities.  Beginning in 2019, WHJW recorded the auto racing sounds from the tracks and has evaluated the effects of a sound mitigation program proposed by Bristol Motor Speedway to reduce racing sounds. 


  1. 50% Reduction in Sound for local and regional races
    1. Track renovations, other new fairgrounds structures, and the enforcement of a muffler requirement for local and regional races will reduce the perceived loudness by 9dBA. A reduction of that magnitude is roughly equivalent to a 50% reduction in perceived loudness.
    2. With Bristol Motor Speedway as the operator, local and regional racing, not NASCAR events, will make up an overwhelming majority of all racing events held at the Fairgrounds Speedway.
  2. No Increase in Noise levels from NASCAR Events - Track renovations and other new fairgrounds structures will mitigate the noise created at a NASCAR series event so that there will be no noticeable increase in surrounding noise levels from previously observed racing events.

    All residential areas surrounding the track see a decrease in noise levels or a change so minimal there is no noticeable change to the human ear.

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